Song report: What It’s Like | Everlast 1

What It’s Like” is a song by American musician Everlast. It was released in November 1998 as the lead single from his album Whitey Ford Sings the Blues. Being a combination of rock, hip-hop and blues it has many different affects on how people think about it.  Erik Francis Schrody the writer of the song is a rapper and singer.
“What it’s like” has a very obvious theme which talks about how society jumps to conclusions and doesn’t think about the person they are criticizing. for example when the homeless man is told to “get a job” and the called a “fucking slob” it shows that this man who needs help is given a cold shoulder and putting him down. the song talks about whats wrong wrong with world and how people choose to not help others when need.
although i am not from america i can still see correlations with New Zealand, everyday people who need help get spat on and told to get a job or get over it like its that easy. It may be a far fetch but i believe this song has many similar ideologies with Martin Luther Kings “I Have Dream” where he talks about everyone being equal and being fare to each other.

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