The Siege Of Jadotville #6

The Siege Of Jadotville is a historical fiction which takes place during the katanga conflict in the Congo. it follows the true events which took place in 1961. 155 Irish UN troops were deployed to hold against mercenary military units serving the Katanga government. the attackers had a strength of 3000-5000 men and attacked in waves of 600. The UN had abandoned the men there as they were only a pawn in a larger plan and they fought for their lives. there were 0 Irish casualties and after days of endless fighting the surrendered. after several months they were released due to UN making a deal. these men’s stories were pushed under the carpet by the UN and they were given a bad name. there was no recognition for these men until early 21st recent and they did not receive any medals.

in our world today we still have the issue of powerful heads using the common men and women as pawns in their plans and not caring for their lives. an example is the extremists known as ISIS. many of their soldiers are suicide bombers. this is a direct show of the leaders lack of care as they get their loyal soldiers to go and kill themselves for them.  another more common example is in most franchises. they work like a pyramid. the guy on top cares only for himself and gets the lower levels to keep him up. then the level below is the same and so on until you get to the bottom. the middle class. these people are disposable and most of the time work their butts off for minimum wage with no recognition or thanks for their work.

similar film to this is Ender’s Game. although there is a good reason for the sacrifice literally thousands of men die at the hand of one person to achieve a large plan of killing a race of aliens off for good.

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