Lord Of The Flies Study

title  ·  Lord of the Flies

author  · William Golding

A plane full of boys 12 and under is shot down onto an uninhabited.

Ralph the main protagonist meets Piggy and the find the conch. they blow into it and boys from the crash find their way to the Ralph and Piggy on the island.

Ralph is elected as leader against Jack who is then placed in charge of his choir for hunting

one of the younger boys says he has seen a beast in the woods and all of the older boys dismiss this and call the young boy stupid.

the boys decide the best way to be rescued is to build a signal fire for passing ships. and puts jack in charge

Ralph Jack and Simon hike up a mountain to confirm if they are actually on an island and find a good spot on top of the island to light the signal fire. they find a pig and Jack is about to kill it when he hesitates and it gets away

Piggy suggests that they use his glasses to light the fire with the sun and the boys rush and start a huge bonfire causeing a huge part of the jungle to catch and they loose a young boy

jack and Ralph agree that shelters are needed to comfort the little kids

tensions rise between Jack and Ralph when Jack and his crew forget to keep the fire going because they are to focused on attempting to hunt.

Jack claims that he himself saw the beast and say that he will hunt it and kill it. while Ralph tries to keep order and attempts to be rational saying they can overcome the fear of the beast and that it is only in their heads.

jack convinces a group of the boys to come with him and he bribes them with pig. jacks new tribe turn to savagery and impale a pigs head to a spear

Simon comes across the impaled pig head and has a hallucination of it talking to him and call it the lord of the flies. it says the beast isnt anything the can hunt because the beast is nothing but the violence in the kids. he then faints

when Rimon awakens he runs to jacks camp and all the savages that used to be kids mistake him for the beast and brutally kill him. even Ralph and piggy get caught up in it.

jack decides that they should have the fire so him and a bunch of his goons jump piggy and Ralph and take Piggy’s glasses to start the fire. leaving Ralph and piggy in pain

Ralph Isn’t happy so he and piggy confront jack about it and they get into a fight. piggy is killed by a rock and the conch is destroyed

out numbered by jacks savage followers Ralph dashes to the shore racing against the now burning Forrest.

when Ralph gets the ocean he spots a naval officer and the naval officer sees the boys trying to kill Ralph he says he is disappointing and takes them away.


Appearance:  12, blond, “built like a boxer”
attributes: Natural leader, positive, rational
Contflicts: Jack
Friends: Piggy.





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