Andy Weir| The Martian #5

The Martian is a science Fiction set in 2035 on Mars and Earth. the crew are forced off of mars 6 days into their month long stay and they all leave except Mark Watney the books protagonist who was believed to be dead. he was to survive for 550 sols (24 hours and 40 minutes). he does this by growing potatoes and rashoning while getting communication with earth back on and travelling 3,200 kilometers to get to the next mars mission. he is faced with many dangers. his crop dying due to explosion, his transport flipping but his biggest threat is loneliness.

A main theme for this book is perseverance. many times life has hit Watney hard but he always got back up on his feet and continued. This relates to me with my Computing Web Development task. i had many issues that seemed impossible to fix but after taking a minute or a day to think about it i managed to fix it and make my work 100% better each time.

due to my perseverance and stubbornness of not wanting to change my design I ended up receiving an Excellence mark for my hard work. another text which follows this theme is Ready Player One which is about a boy in a dystopian future determined to do anything and everything to win and survive


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