Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under’t if this wasnt a metaphore this would mean that people see a flower and not see what it is hiding. for shakespear this means that Macbeth was a warm friendly person on the outside (flower) but really he is evil on the inside with evil […]

scene one, act one summary characters. The three witches location. A desert place Time. Before the end of the battle Events. The witches plan to meet with Macbeth on the hearth after the war has ended. Quote. “When shall we three meet again,  in thunder, lightning or rain? Scene two, Act one summary   Characters: […]

Lost Stars – Star Wars Author – Claudia Gray

Spoken language can communicate more than just what is said. The fluency of the speaker shows the confidence of the speaker and their knowledge of the topic. “You lose a bit of control every time you insert hesitation into your speech.” An example of this would be hesitation. “Yes, the um.. The match is really going to […]

1. Hesitation in spoken language shows that the speaker may be distracted, uncertain or unprepared for the topic that they are talking about such as ‘ UM ‘ ‘ AH ‘ and ‘ Like ‘. 2. Spoken language can communicate more than just what is said. The idiolect of the speaker shows the confidence of the […]

Const: Ohh Nah mate, Arsenals gonna get smashed by Bayern, so bad its going to be horrible for Arsenal. James: Nah mate ah nah mate. your wrong Arsenal will turn up. and er well. Well actually Bayern and Arsenal do have an equal chance hauhehmeh Bayern have a sh… much better team. Const: Bayern have Alaba, who is the […]

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